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HMO Giving You a Hard Time? Write an Effective Appeal Letter

In 2009, according to a press release by the Nurses Association of California, the six largest HMOs i

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Sites Consulted: More like this. Research more like this. Keywords: Pay as you go workers comp, Homeo

Was Your Insurance Claim Denied? Write An Appeal!

In Oklahoma, in 2012, there were more than 15,000 appeal cases for insurance. Writing insurance appea

Writing an Insurace Appeal Letter

An insurance appeal letter is meant to help a client fight back a claim that often denies them covera

Appealing a Denial of Coverage

The unfortunate truth of having to deal with an insurance claim is that something has probably gone w

How to Write an Insurance Appeal Letter the Right Way

Sometimes it seems like all an insurance company is good for insuring is the denial of claims. The tr

Writing an Insurance Appeal Letter, Tips and Tricks for Effectiveness

As most of us know, medical bills not covered by insurance are almost impossible to cover on the typi