Do You Have The Right Coverage For Your Farm?

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Most people are aware that protecting their belongings and property is important. After all, 93% of American homeowners have at least basic homeowners insurance. But what if your home is also your business? For many agribusinesses, finding the right farm insurance can be a challenge. You need a plan that will cover not just your home, but your farm and business as well. Here are just a few ways that farm insurance can protect you better than standard homeowners insurance.

Protects Your Home and Belongings

As is the case with most home insurance policies, your home and belongings are protected under most farm insurance plans. This generally includes both your home and the belongings inside, though plans can and do vary on what is covered. However, unlike standard homeowners insurance, most agribusiness insurance policies are much more customized and detailed. There are often more options available to pick and choose what is specifically covered under your plan because every farming business will have different needs.

Safeguards Possessions Related to Farming

In addition to your own personal belongings and home, your farming equipment and tools will also be covered. This can include anything directly related to your farming business, such as tractors, combines, planters, and other types of field equipment. Coverage will vary, but this way you’ll be able to have some peace of mind regarding the safety of your equipment. Because these expensive pieces of machinery are often necessary items for farmers to earn a living, it’s important that they’re covered by your insurance.

Keeps Your Crops Safe

What happens if your crops or livestock are harmed? With the right farm or ranch insurance, your hard work and investments will be covered as well. Coverage levels vary, but in the case of an emergency, you should be able to have some degree of compensation if your crops or livestock are damaged. This can help farmers get back on their feet after an unexpected turn of bad luck.

The right farm insurance offers many benefits that standard homeowners insurance can’t. If you want to ensure that your crops and farm equipment are protected, it’s essential to look for farm insurance instead of just homeowners insurance.

Marriage and Insurance: The Ins And Outs

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Congratulations on your new marriage! This exciting time brings a lot of changes, especially in regard to your insurance policies. Here are some of the changes to consider implementing to your insurance policies.

Car insurance

As you begin to grow your family, there are a number of factors to consider regarding your car insurance. Will you combine policies? Get a different car if you plan on having children? Drop to one car?
AAA estimates that the average cost to own and drive your basic sedan was $8,558 in 2016. That seems like a lot, but it’s a down-trend from 2015. When you visit different car insurance providers, you’ll get a number of different answers to these questions. Compare car insurance quotes can range between providers, but ensure that the party who cancels their previous coverage has insurance the day they make the switch. Lapses in coverage could lead to a spike in car insurance quotes next time

Life insurance

Building a family means your life impacts theirs in entirely new ways. Should you or your spouse pass away, the partner is responsible for any costs and debts pertaining to funeral costs, property ownership and more.

Life insurance policies help the living partner cope financially with the loss of the other. In a difficult time like this, worrying about money is the last thing you should be focusing on.

Health insurance

Oftentimes, it’s cheaper to cover your spouse on one person’s insurance. Health insurance providers usually grant 60 days for a spouse to enroll in a new single health plan or 30 days for a combined health plan.

Homeowners insurance

Keep in mind that one partner will have to cancel their homeowner’s insurance when you move in together and register on the other’s policy. This is essential since you both have combined belongings.

Between insurance policies, car insurance quotes, and starting a new family, nothing seems easy as a newlywed couple. When you want to change your insurance policies, visit Nicholson Insurance for all your insurance needs. We’ll help you get the best policy for you and answer any questions you have about combining insurance policies. Call or visit us online today.

Mistakes Not to Make When it Comes to Choosing Your Life Insurance Policy: Part 2

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life insurance companyIn our previous post, we explained some common life insurance mistakes to make sure to avoid. Choosing between life insurance policies and talking to different life insurance companies can be overwhelming, scary, and bring out the fear of the unknown, but if you follow these tips there is nothing to worry about.

Here we continue our list to make sure you choose the right policy for you and your family.

Mistake: Picking a policy based only on price.
It can be tempting to pick a policy because it is cheaper, but this can easily backfire in the long-run. When it comes to life insurance, choosing the cheapest option is not always the best idea. While it can be hard for you to justify an expensive price for something you may never see, it is important to consider your family after you pass on. You will want to do what’s best for them and ensure they are protected, and the cheapest policies won’t do that.

Mistake: Purchasing a policy with premiums that increase over time
In a perfect world, there would be life insurance policies that have a level premium. But this isn’t always the case, and sometimes premiums increase over time without you knowing. This can lead to financial problems if you are not on top of your policies. So it is best to every month or so, check on the rules and regulations of your policies to see if your premiums are increasing without your life insurance company telling you. As always, when picking a plan, you will be able to sign up for alerts and notices that will let you know if anything changes.

Mistake: Not shopping around
To ensure that you pick the best policy, you’ll need to look at factors other than just the price. You’ll want to choose a life insurance company that will work with you and will be able to keep you in the loop. Shopping around and getting price quotes is a good place to start and then you’ll be able to see first hand what exactly you have to work with.

As long as you prevent these mistakes from happening, you will be prepared to choose the right life insurance plan for you and your family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our professionals, we’re here to help!

Writing an Insurace Appeal Letter

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Insurance denial appeal letter

An insurance appeal letter is meant to help a client fight back a claim that often denies them coverage for a certain service. A claim letter denial can come from the insurance company directly and be an appeal letter template that states health insurance denial and then you are stuck with a large bill you are responsible for. The insurance appeal letter you write needs to address the points in your argument as to why you deserve the said coverage, and it must refute the denial on a plausible clause that gives credence to your claim.

If you have never written and insurance denial appeal letter then now would be a good time to learn how to write an insurance appeal letter. These days, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to try and deny coverage, therefore you will have to get used to writing an insurance appeal letter to refute their denial of coverage. You can speak with many people about how to write an insurance appeal letter and they may be able to offer some advice, but often many people will turn to the internet for more information. Often you can search and pull an insurance appeal letter template that can help you with how to write insurance appeal letter information that may just require you to fill in certain blanks to complete the form and have something you can submit the insurance company

The appeal process may take a while when you write an insurance appeal letter, but it will be well worth it when you get your bill covered and your ruling overturned. Too often people do not want to go through the trouble of writing an insurance appeal letter, because they do not think they can come up against the big insurance companies. What they do not realize is that they hold more power than they think, and if they just take the time to write the insurance appeal letter, they may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.