How Do You Know if Theres a Warrant for your Arrest

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It’s surprisingly easy to walk around and not know you have an arrest warrant posted on you. This article will discuss the basics of arrest warrants and how to know if there’s one out for you.

Types of Warrants

The first type of warrant is a bench warrant. These are issued by a judge. If you didn’t show up for a traffic arraignment, for example, he or she will issue a bench warrant. It can go on your record as an FTA (Failure to Appear).

If you are on probation and fail to fulfill a legal obligation, then a warrant can be issued for your arrest. For example, if you leave the county or fail a drug test, a bench warrant may be issued.

The second type of warrant is an arrest warrant. This is issued in response to a police officer’s declaration that they suspect you committed a crime.

How to Find Out About Warrants

If you think you have a warrant out for your arrest, speak with a criminal law attorney. They will call the courthouse they suspect the warrant was issued from, and ask them to give them any pending warrants for your person. The attorney can also search the county website to find out if you have any warrants.

If you suspect there is an arrest warrant issued for you, do not wait. You do not want to experience the surprise of police showing up at your home or place of work. Call an attorney to help you sort it out, ASAP.



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