3 Things to Consider When Insuring an Apartment in Florida

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So you’ve just landed your first apartment and you’re thinking about all of the different services you need to go out and purchase. You have to think about WiFi and cable, water and sewer services. However, you also need to think about insurance for your apartment, which is called renter’s insurance. This kind of insurance is important to make sure that your belongings are protected and you are covered for living expenses should something happen to your apartment you can can no longer live in it. This could be thanks to a fire, a hurricane, and some other kind of disaster or tragic event.

Here are three things to consider when insuring in Florida! Remember, insurance prices and policies changer per state, so be sure to read them through!

1. Think about the coverage amount

Remember, in the event of a natural disaster, renter’s insurance is meant to help you cover the cost of what belongings you’ve lost. The same goes for an accident or theft, as well. When you are trying to determine your policy amount, think about how much all of your belongings are worth and try to create a complete inventory of what is in your apartment. This is just one of the many things to consider when insuring in Florida.

2. Know what the policy is covering

For the most past, a natural disaster counts as something that is covered by a renter’s insurance policy. If your apartment became uninhabitable thanks to a hurricane, you would be covered. However, you really need to read through your policy options with a fine-tooth comb, as some smaller insurance companies might not cover you if your apartment is wrecked thanks to an earthquake or a flood.

3. Try and bundle your policies

If you’re looking for renter’s insurance and have a car, first check into how much you would have to pay the company that’s supplying your auto insurance. Many companies offer all different kinds of insurance, such as auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, and motorhome insurance. If you bundle, it can end up costing you much less than if you went with another insurance company.

Do you have any other suggestions for those looking to buy renter’s insurance for an apartment in Florida? Write it in the comments below!

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