Why Does Law Enforcement Have Such a High Sex Crime Rate?

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There are some serious concerns related to law enforcement and their ability to maintain professionalism and general ability to conduct matters of the law without breaking the law themselves. You don’t have to look far to see examples of people taking videos of law enforcement officers being overly aggressive towards suspects or otherwise breaking the law in some form of fashion. Sadly, many officers have also been charged with a sex crime at some point in their tenure.

Obviously, not all cops are bad people, but there seem to be above average rates of sex crimes among law enforcement, and people want to know what the deal is with that.

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Many cops simply seem to think that their badge and uniform also give them permission to do things that they shouldn’t. A certain sense of authority and a lack of accountability in many cases has made it easier than ever for some police officers to get away with sex crimes and other violations that never should have happened. The numbers don’t lie, and it is important that we recognize that we need to do something about all of this. Too many people are getting hurt because of bad cops, and that should never be the case.

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