What Does It Mean When a Repairable Salvage SUV has a Clean Title?

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Car buyers must understand the difference between a clean title and a salvage title. These terms can be very confusing without the proper research. A clean title indicates that a used car has not suffered severe, irreparable damage. A salvage title indicates that a vehicle has been damaged during previous ownership. This video shows an example of a salvage vehicle with a clean title.

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What does this mean?

A Repairable SUV With a Clean Title

In practice, cars can be deemed as totaled but are repairable salvage SUVs for sale. This option is an excellent solution for car buyers who want to purchase but are on a budget. A clean title indicates that a car has never been damaged. A vehicle with a clean title has the default title given upon purchase. The salvage title is what you get when a car has an accident history. When a vehicle is totaled, insurance evaluates the repair cost and does a cost-to-benefit evaluation. They establish whether or not the automobile is worth repairing.

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