The Benefits of Self Defense Insurance

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This video presents the essentials of insurance that covers anyone who uses reasonable force to defend themselves against an attack or threat. Self defense insurance is a type of personal liability insurance that protects you if you employ sufficient means to shield yourself or others from harm. The self defense insurance coverage can help protect you if you are sued for damages following a personal injury claim or criminal charge resulting from using force in self-defense.

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Anyone who owns a home, car, business, or other assets should consider purchasing self-defense insurance if they have to use reasonable force as part of their defense strategy when faced with violent crime. For example, an intruder threatening you with violence in your home dies during a confrontation. As a result, you could risk a lawsuit by their next of kin for wrongful death even though you used reasonable force to prevent them from harming you, your property, or your family members.
A self defense insurance policy can help protect against many of the legal costs associated with defending yourself against these claims. It also includes coverage for wrongful arrest and detention fees if you’re falsely accused of committing an act of violence against another person.

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