Five Quick Tips for Writing a Letter of Appeal for Insurance Denial

Insurance appeal letter template

Did you know that, if your insurance company does not want to cover a medical procedure you need to have, one of the steps in getting the decision revised or overturned is writing an insurance appeal letter? It is important that, when responding to a health insurance denial, your letter is professional and contains all the key legal elements required by an appeal letter. Do you need a lawyer to help you at this stage of the appeal process? Not always. Often, it is possible to write the letter on your own, using a letter of appeal template. Here are several tips on how to write an appeal letter for insurance.

One, make sure you identify yourself. This means including all your insurance identification information, as well as the identity numbers of your particular claim.

Two, make sure to include what the reasons behind the original claim letter denial. Do not leave anything out in the mistaken interest of giving your case a better chance.

Three, you will obviously need to explain why you disagree with their decision. Try and keep your explanation as fact based as possible, rather than relying on your emotional response to the decision. Most people are upset when claims are denied, but not every claim denial by the insurance is wrong. Make sure that the reasons that your denial is negligent are very clear.

Four, make sure to include the history of your condition, including a note from your doctor for further explanation.

Five, find a letter of appeal template online and format your letter to follow the standard conventions. Much like any other type of professional letter, a letter of appeal is taken more seriously when it is submitted in the proper format. Since this is also only a very quick, rather than in depth list, a letter of appeal template will also direct you to other details to include, as well as details that might be necessary to include for your particular case type, if not every appeal letter in general. A letter of appeal template will definitely be useful in getting the insurance company to reconsider your claim.

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