Are You Looking for Affordable Insurance?

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Would you like to purchase insurance for this package? When you are getting ready to ship items to your friends and family members for holidays like Valentine’s Day and other special events it is pretty easy to find affordable insurance options:

  • Acorns to your aunt who lives in Maine.
  • Booties that you crocheted for your newest niece.
  • Christmas gifts for your neighbors from the old neighborhood.
  • Dresses that you found on sale at your favorite boutique. You know your college age daughter will love them.
  • Elegant vintage jewelry pieces that you want to lend to your granddaughter for her senior prom.
  • Fish food for your grandson?s new aquarioum.
  • Glasses to replace the ones your daughter broke at her college volleyball practice.
  • Hats and gloves that you knitted for your daughter?s neighbor.
  • Individually framed photographs of your mother in her wedding dress. They are gifts to all of her grandchildren.
  • Joke books for your nephew who wants to try to put a comedy routine together for his school?s talent show.
  • Kites for your daughter?s first grade classroom. She is teaching her students about dfferent kinds of wind and has told them that envelope kites can fly with just the slightest winds.
  • Little holiday window clings for your best friend from high school who is in the hospital recovery from a surgery.
  • Money and gift cards so that your newly married daughter and her husband can celebrate their six month anniversary.
  • Notes for every day of the week from now until your oldest son gets to come home from college.
  • Old sheet music that you found when you were cleaning out your grandmother?s house. You know that your piano teaching niece will be excited to play these pieces.
  • Pottery pieces that you made yourself. They will make perfect planters for your old neighbor who first taught you how to repot plants.
  • Quaint little figurines that remind you of the toys you and your sister played with when you were little.
  • Red hand sewn Christmas sockings for your daughter?s first apartment.
  • Shoes that you found when you were shopping for your son who is starting his first full time job after graduating from college.
  • Tiny little beads that you worked into handmade bracelets. You found a store on the west coast that is willing to sell them.
  • Ugly Christmas sweaters that you created for a shop in downtown New York.
  • Very old books and maps that will make perfect decorations for your sister?s new bookstore and coffee house.
  • Wrestling shoes that were your good luck charm the year you won the state title. Your nephew is starting his first year of high school wrestling.
  • X-tra insurance on family heirlooms.
  • Yellow quilted pillows for the guest room in your grandmother?s new assisted living apartment.
  • Zoo passes and three stuffed animals that you are giving to the family that just moved into your grandmother?s old house.

Finding affordable insurance can be a challenge if you are a high risk driver or live in a location that is known for tornadoes, hail, or flooding. And while it might be easy to find affordable insurance rates when you decide to ship items across the country to friends and family, the same is not always true for home, car, and life insurance.
Although the decision to purchase property insurance and homeowner insurance is more complicated than deciding to pay a small fee at the post office for package insurance, it is still very important to make sure that you have the coverage that you need. By asking for free insurance quotes from a number of agencies you can make sure that you are making the decision that is in your best interest.
Although the decision to get insurance on a small package that you are mailing across the country can be fairly inconsequential, other insurance decisions should not be taken so lightly. For instance, most experts say that you should keep insurance on a car at all times. Any gaps in coverage are a sign to companies that you may be a risk, so it is wise to never let your car insurance lapse. Likewise, it is important to have homeowners or property insurance. Did you know, for instance, that while 95% of homeowners had homeowner’s insurance, only 37% of renters had renter’s insurance? Finding affordable insurance, even if you are renting, is a wise, responsible decision.

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